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اعلانات توظيف جوجل

انضم لجروبنا على الفيسبوك .. تصل رسائلنا مباشرة

الثلاثاء، 9 فبراير 2010

وظائـــــــــــــــــــــــف 10 فبراير

يعلن مركز رسالة التدريبى فرع 6 اكتوبر عن حاجته الى موظف او موظفة للعمل بالمركز كا مسئول نشاط لذا نرجو من الراغبين لاشغال هذه الوظيفة التقدم الى الفرع ومالأ الاستمارة التوظيف 

Urgently needed for- Sales Engineer (Mechatronics)

Position :Sales Engineer (Mechatronics)
Job Code: MS 3
Job Type: Full Time
Location:El Dokki – Giza
Gender: Male
Education: Faculty of Engineering” Mechatronics”
Experience: 0-1

Language: Fluent in English

•Must be organized, efficient, and professional.
•communication skills
• Negotiation Skills
• Ability to work under pressure
• Presentable

Salary(L.E): Negotiable

•If you’re interested, please send your updated resume including a recent photo to:
•Please mention the job Code (MS 3) in the email Subject. Any e-mail without Job Title in the subject line will not be considered.

If you have any recommendation or know anyone who have the required skills and may be interested in any of the above mentioned vacant posts, kindly forward this message to him


Equipment Engineer 

multinational company focuses on chemical oil, and gas industry
Job Title :Equipment Engineer

Description :Material Handling Equipment sizing and design, ace to international codes. *Material Handling Equipment arrangement and layout. * Preparing Material Handling Equipment technical specifications. * Requisition documents preparation for Material Handling Equipment. * Defining the scope of inspection and documentation. * Vendors offers technical bid evaluation. * Review/ approve Vendor documents (Datasheets, construction drawings, operating & maintenance manuals...etc.). * Supervision of Contractor/ Vendor specialist during installation & start-up. * Performing the required inspection, commissioning and handing-over of the mechanical works.

Qualifications :English is a must. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering * Related material handling is preferred * * AutoCAD * MS-Office
Experience :6 - 9 Years.
Education major :Engineering
* محاسبين حديثي التخرج
* مترجمين
لمؤسسة تعمل بمجال حقوق الانسان
ترسل السيرة الذاتية علي العنوان التالي :- 148 شارع مصر حلوان الزراعي - الدور الرابع - شقة 41 - القاهرة
ص.ب :490

Tel No., : 25266792 29719612 - 29719616
Mob : 018 - 71 - 72 - 718
أو علي الايميل
E-mail :

CRS - Project Manager

Catholic Relief Services
Europe/Middle East Region

Job Description

Position Title: Project Manager
Functional Group: Country Program/Cairo Office
Project: UNHCR Refugee Assistance Project
Band: 3
Annual Compensation(in 13 Months): Range From EGP 64892 to EGP 110318
Geographic Scope: Egypt
Location: CRS Main Office in Maadi
Reports to: Head of Programming
Supervisory Responsibilities: 5-6 staff members and 2-3 volunteers

CRS/Egypt country program began in 1956 at the invitation of then Egyptian president Nasser by providing relief assistance to the victims of the Suez War. Over the following few decades, CRS/Egypt moved from large-scale food relief to long-term poverty alleviation and development programs. CRS/Egypt is involved in the following sectors: microfinance, refugees assistance, environment, avian flu, HIV/Aids, youth civic education and women empowerement. For the seventh consecutive year, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has successfully collaborated with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in helping to address the basic needs of the most destitute and vulnerable refugees in Egypt.

In the coming year of 2008, the education assistance for children of refugees families living in Cairo and Alexandria is expected to reach 7,000 children. A balanced proportion of girls and boys will receive school fees and receive education from regular public, private and refugee schools in Egypt. The major responsibility of this position is to manage the various steps from registration, contact with schools and payment of fess through bank branches located in various parts of Egypt where families are located. This is a very demanding work and requires skills in planning and timely delivery, meeting strict deadlines and ensuring accountability.

Job Summary
Under the supervision and guidance of the HOP and in close cooperation with other POs and MQO working, the PO will assume responsibility for working with project staff, school administrations, banks and the beneficiaries in support of the awarded sub-grant. The PM will lead subgrant-related planning and implementation, timely and accurate reporting to HOP and to the donor, and representation to governmental and nongovernmental organizations. The PM will organize and oversee the implementation of the subgrant, and provide technical support to staff and to Community Based Associations engaged in the project as needed. The PM will work as part of the CRS/Egypt management team led by the HOP and will assume full responsibility for planning, designing and implementing UNHCR’s (sub) grant.

The PM will be the focal point for communication with the donor on this project and related activities. He/she will directly supervise the daily operations of the project, supervise staff members and prepare regular updates, monthly and quarterly reports. He/she will design and supervise the outreach to refugees and asylum seekers eligible for the project participation. He/she will lead the planning and implementation of the interviewing process, will liaise with UNHCR on the eligibility of the applicants, ensure timely disbursement to the students, coordinate and ensure the quality of the bank documentation and follow up with beneficiaries at the schools and CBAs. He/she will also be responsible for designing and implementation of awareness and integration activities at the schools and in dealing with schools management and parents associations in schools attended by refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt. The Program Manager is also expected to contribute with new ideas and initiatives for the development of this project and other related projects.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Plan and oversee project implementation on a timely and efficient manner;
2. Provide technical leadership to CRS/Egypt and partners in the project specified area;
3. Facilitate, organize and oversee project activities including research, personal assistance service set up, capacity building, awareness raising training and regular monitoring;
4. Undertake donor liaison in support of senior management;
5. Occasionally host donor representatives or CRS visitors;
6. Ensure quality monitoring and evaluation of project performance indicators and the achievement of target results;
7. Establish working relationships with schools administration and parents associations, whenever possible;
8. Supervise and approve the preparation process of the refugee database and the preparation of bank lists for cash disbursement for the applicants;
9. Prepare financial and narrative reports for UNHCR and CRS in a timely manner;
10. Establish and maintain excellent collaborative working relationships with donors and partners;
11. Support partners in organization, set-up and functioning, if applicable;
12. Mediate as necessary among actors during project life;
13. Provide technical assistance to staff, partners, as needed;
14. Timely reporting to HOP/ and Country Representative as per reporting schedule;
15. Coordinate with country-based local-level activities in support of the project, including seminars, trainings and conferences as needed;
16. Advise management about issues affecting project implementation, or key local issues/opportunities affecting future project developments;
17. Advise on additional support required from existing CRS skill resources or otherwise for individual projects;
18. Supervise and coordinate activities with local offices;
19. Represent CRS at project milestone events;
20. Represent CRS and the project to various internal audiences in relevant local offices;
21. Seek, establish and maintain external relationships that will be beneficial to the project;
22. Provide support to other CRS projects as needed;
23. Manage CRS efforts with a variety of partners in assigned country area to promote durable solutions;
24. Participate in public forums and working groups and track the issues related to the specific project and drive CRS efforts to inform policies and strategies;
25. Manage CRS efforts to work with partners and other actors, including in research, advocacy and services;
26. Develop administration and filing systems for the project to ensure proper documentation of the project;
27. Take part in managers, team meetings, program and staff meetings;
28. Actively participate in the design and implementation of CRS projects;
29. Participate in information sharing and transferring skills and knowledge with other CRS EME offices;
30. Other temporarily jobs that might arise as stated in the contract.

Key Working Relationships
Supervisory: 5-6 staff member and 2/3 volunteers
Internal: Management Quality Officer, HOP, Country Representative; CRS local office; Regional Technical Advisors
External: local and international organizations; municipal government officials, schools administration, ministry of education and other state government officials; community leaders and other local actors.

Position Requirements and Qualifications
Professional Qualifications
1. Minimum of five years work experience in development and/or emergency programs;
2. Demonstrated experience in community mobilization, organization and mediation among local actors;
3. Demonstrated experience in financial and technical project management; and in budget monitoring;
4. Excellent ability to develop and track project financial reports;
5. Strong planning and implementation skills to meet strict deadlines;
6. Excellent writing and communication skills in both English and Arabic;
7. Strong cross-cultural skills and experience working with people from different ethnic/cultural backgrounds;
8. Demonstrated capacities to establish and maintain strong, collaborative working relationships; with donors, government officials, local organizations, communities and other stakeholders;
9. Proven ability to multi-task, delegate and meet deadlines;
10. Proven ability to develop proposals and write reports meeting donor requirements;
11. Must be able to work independently and represent CRS;
12. Proficiency in computer applications (MS Word, Excel)

University degree in related social science with specialization or graduate studies in refugees issues preferred

Personal Competencies
• Demonstrated strengths in relationship management; able to work with diverse groups of people in multicultural, team-oriented environment;
• Skilled in influencing and obtaining cooperation of individuals not under supervisory control; able to manage long-distance relationships to achieve results;
• Diplomacy, tact and negotiation skills;
• Self-motivated and able to work without close supervision;
• Able to prioritize work, multi-task, and meet deadlines;
• Committed to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching;
• Willingness to work with poor and vulnerable people with a respectful attitude and a sense of commitment;
• Must be energetic with a strong positive attitude and a capacity to motivate others.

Physical Requirements/Environment
The PM is based CRS/Egypt office and is expected to monitor activities being carried out in 1-2 field offices in the Greater Cairo Region. Normal office environment is the norm, with frequent travel to the field and partners visits.

Applicants must send:

- Their CV
- A letter of application
- Three references contacts including e-mail address.

to the following confidential email address:,



 وظائف بالاسكندريه

مطلوب محررين ومراسلين هواه لجريده الكترونيه 0176939740


GILO Coordinator – Qena Governorate

Girls’ Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO)/World Education

GILO Coordinator – Qena Governorate

Position Description

The U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Education (MOE) has funded the three-year Girls' Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO) project to improve the quality of education and learning achievement among girls in kindergarten through ninth grade in four governorates of Upper Egypt. GILO has adopted a comprehensive and integrated school improvement strategy which aims to:

CLIN 1: Expand equitable access to and coverage of K-9 education for children, especially girls, in remote and deprived areas in the selected governorates.
CLIN 2: Improve the quality of teaching and learning in targeted schools and districts.
CLIN 3: Strengthen the management and governance of education in targeted schools and districts through increased parental, community and civil society participation in supporting education.
CLIN 4: Strengthen the organizational and institutional capacity of relevant GOE authorities – Ministry of Education (MOE), General Authority for Educational Buildings (GAEB), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and Ministry of Local Development (MOLD), to adopt demand-led approaches for decentralization and increase the efficiency of school construction, maintenance and management.

Launched in February 2008, GILO is now in its second year and is fully operational under all four CLINs and in the four governorates. GILO implements its program through Governorate-level Teams that include an overall Team Leader and a Coordinator and four (4) Specialists for each of the two main program components: Teacher Professional Development (TPD) and Community Participation-School Governance and Leadership (CP-SGL).

A new focus is also now emerging under CLINs 3 and 4, involving technical assistance and policy support to the MOE and MOF in their efforts to establish effective budgeting/planning processes that are commensurate with decentralization, and supporting decentralization of decision-making authorities to the governorate, district, school and community levels.

Position Summary for Community Participation-School Governance and Leadership (CP-SGL) Governorate Coordinator

Leads governorate team of four Specialists in implementation of the Community Participation-School Governance and Leadership Component of the GILO project, to support improved access and participation to quality education in participating primary, prep and basic education schools in Qena Governorate.

Coordinates with the GILO Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Component Team that supports quality improvements in the classrooms, as well as other GILO initiatives, including support for decentralization.
Works under the programmatic supervision of the GILO/Qena Team Leader and under the technical supervision of the CP-SGL Technical Advisors based in Cairo.

Coordinates with the MOE Mudereya, idaras, and schools as the primary partners and clients for GILO.

Based in Qena City with regular travel to Qena Governorate schools and periodic travel to Cairo and other governorates as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities

Area 1: Capacity Building/Training
• Provides technical guidance and support for CP-SGL Specialists and trainers in the governorate, in planning and implementing all training activities, to include: research, review, selection and compilation of relevant training references and materials, in coordination with the Qena CP-SGL team and the CP-SGL Technical Advisors.
• Works with the Technical Advisors to draft and review training plans to ensure quality implementation of the CP-SGL component in the governorate, representing best practices for communities and schools.
• Ensures that gender considerations, particularly support for girls’ access, active participation and leaning, are addressed in all materials, trainings and community-school activities supported by the project.
• Trains or overseas training and support for Social Worker Department (SWD) supervisors, School Administrators and School Social Workers, and BOT members.
• Provides continuous technical input into capacity building (training and support) plans and designs based on consultation and feedback from MOE departments and schools, with a focus on addressing gaps, needs and enriching inputs to the program.

Area 2: Planning
• Participates in the planning and implementation of the work plan for the CP-SGL Component.
• Participates with CP-SGL Coordinators in other governorates, under guidance of the Technical Advisors, to jointly plan and monitor implementation of GILO School Governance components with School Governance Team.
• Responsible for planning CP-SGL activity plans, expenses, and schedules, in consultation with the CP-SGL Specialists, Technical Advisors and Team Leader, and submitting plans to the Team Leader, Technical Advisors, and GILO/World Education Sr. Finance Officer on a regular and timely basis.
• Liaises with MOE at Mudereya and idara levels on planning, scheduling, and quality education matters in coordination with the Governorate Team Leader

Area 3: Follow Up
• Provides technical support for MoE local level staff and CP-SGL Specialists for implementation of the work plan while monitoring project quality.
• Monitors training and support for Social Workers, Supervisors, School Administrators and BOT members, and provides technical guidance on applying knowledge and skills from GILO trainings to the school-community setting.
• Cooperates with CP-SGL TAs in Cairo and CP-SGL teams in governorates to achieve project coherence, synergies, and expected results.
• Consolidates and analyzes reports from CP-SGL Specialists and summarizes them for monthly and quarterly reporting to CP-SGL TAs in Cairo using provided formats and on regular schedule.
• Contributes to documenting best practices, transferring lessons learned and communicating them to the team, especially to the GILO Communication officers.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience
• University degree, preferably in the field of education or social sciences
• 6 years of experience in similar education and development projects
• Experience in managing education and development projects activities in the field
• Previous experience in planning and coordinating project and program level field work
• Demonstrated communication and negotiation skills
• Ability to manage and lead teams and provide the required technical support
• Information/data analysis and report writing skills
• Ability to reside and work in Qena
• Able to travel, primarily in Upper Egypt.

For interested people, please, send C.Vs and covering letters need to be sent by e-mail to the following addresses:, Nancy Ramadan being the Human Resources and Administration Manager and , Mohsen Abou-Seif being the Community Participation and School Governance Acting Director.


Project Coordinator (Architect )

Education and Experience:
• Gender : Female
• Must have a Bachelors degree in Architectural or a related discipline
• Excellent spoken and written English
• 2 years Experience.
• knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures
• knowledge of computers and relevant software applications
• knowledge of customer service principles and practices
• keyboard skills

Kindly send your updated CV along with recent photo to mentioning the position in the subject area. 

Assistant Financial Controller

multinational company focuses on chemical oil, and gas industry
Job Title :Assistant Financial Controller

Description :Supervises A/R, A/P. P/R personnel and transactions Randomly audits work flow to assure that all accounting transactions are appropriately authorized Assures internal control compliance Reviews monthly closing process Works on special projects, if requested: assist with yearly audit preparation. If involved in the financial field. Assistant Controllers will oversee the reporting and integrity of accounting for invested assets.

Qualifications :English is a must. Bachelors degree in either finance or accounting •Keep abreast of current industry events •Strong supervisory and analytical skills •Wide knowledge base of different software systems SAP and HFM would an asset

Experience :3 - 5 Years.
Education major :Any

Job Profile:
Attend to visitors and deal with inquiries on the phone and face to face. Supply information regarding the organization to the general public, clients and customers.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities:
• answer telephone, screen and direct calls
• take and relay messages
• provide information to callers
• greet persons entering organization
• direct persons to correct destination
• deal with queries from the public and customers
• ensures knowledge of staff movements in and out of organization
• general administrative and clerical support
• prepare letters and documents
• receive and sort mail and deliveries
• schedule appointments
• maintain appointment diary either manually or electronically
• organize meetings
• tidy and maintain the reception area

Education and Experience:
• Gender : Female
• University degree generally required
• Excellent spoken and written English
• 0 – 1 years Experience.
• knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures
• knowledge of computers and relevant software applications
• knowledge of customer service principles and practices
• keyboard skills

Kindly send your updated CV along with recent photo to mentioning the position in the subject area. Please note that emails with different or no subject will be automatically disregarded.


1-Translator ( senior ) needed in the multinational law fir office located in down town , Fluent English, Excellent Pc skills, social level , minimum 2 years experience ,preferred with legal translation. not veiled, for female ,salary starting from 3500 .
2- Ex. Secretary needed in the Chemical / Rubber company locat...ed in Alagouza, .Excellent English, Not veiled, , excellent pc skills ,minimum 1 year Experience related for Admin Work,, salary starting from1800
Be inform that No screening for any CV without recently Photo + post Required.
 A reputable factory in Alexandria needs the following positions:

1- HR Coordinator


- 2 years Experience

- faculty of commerce graduate.

-Alex. resident

2- مسئول شئون عاملين


- 2 years Experience

- faculty of commerce or law graduate.

-Alex. resident

3- Quality Manager


- 10 years exp

- Excellent communication and leadership skills

- Alex. resident

plz, send your E-mails to the following mail
(please specify the vacancy in your mail subject and write the source (ex
HR Coordinator- facebook )


assistant IT manager or IT manager in a big hotel in sharm elsheikh or hurghada

u can send ur c. v to 
===================================================================== (web site) is looking to hire a young energetic women newly graduate to work as part of the content development team
Jobs : Research & Development
Description: start salary 1000
company location el nozha el guidida, heliopolis
working hours from 10:30 - 5
pls send your cv to
مطلوب مسئول تسويق مؤهل متوسط أو فوق المتوسط للعمل في شركة مرموقة يشترط اللباقة وحسن المظهرمرتب + بدل انتقالات + عمولة فرصة للتثبيت للمقابلة الشخصية برجاء الاتصال على25287393
مطلوب عامل نظافة لمحل استوديو بمرتب جيد تليفون 0101800263
مطلوب عامل تعبئه لمعمل منظفات بمرتب جيد
ارجو الاتصال بتليفون

مطلوب عاملة نظافه لمنزل الاتصال بالرقم


America In Arabic News Agency, the first independent Arabic-language news agency from the United States, is expanding fast and has TWO IMMEDIATE FULL-TIME positions for Cairo-based writers/editors.

Applicants should have excellent command of both English and Arabic. We expect the applicant to have America In Arabic as his priority job.


The reporter will be assigned two or three beats on daily basis such as the U.S.-Egyptian relations, U.S.-Saudi relations or U.S.-UAE relations or economic news. The immediate jobs are for an editor to follow the U.S. relations with Gulf countries and with Libya.

The job requires that you suggest stories that you think we should cover from the United States and from original sources, rather than from other media outlets on daily basis.

You will need to read and follow news intently and develop your own sources.

You will be required to send emails with questions to U.S. Senators and Congressman especially if you work on the Saudi beat for the U.S.-Saudi Bulletin.

-Your job will involve making news stories in Arabic out of press releases in English with accurate quotes. The product should be of publishable quality in top Arabic-language media

-You will have to write catchy and interesting headlines for your stories about the U.S. and its relations with the Arab world and with Islam and other U.S. issues.

There will be some training during the first three or four months.

Days not on the job will be deducted from full pay.

Shortcomings in daily production will also be deducted.

Reporters are generally expected to produce around 2250 words a day or around 5 short news pieces of between 400 to 500 words each a day.


-The annual leave for the first year is 7 days to go up to two weeks after the first year with us.

The job is six days a week.
Reporters are expected to work from 9:00 to 6:00 pm Cairo time or alternative hours, preferably from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm or from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

-There will be a day off, mostly Friday, but you may have to work Friday occasionally on rotation basis with two or three other staff members but will get another day in its stead.


Applicants are expected to work from home for the first six months and possibly later on from the Cairo office in 6 October city.

There will be more details sent later after the next phase of the hiring process.


You can apply by sendin an email to with the word “Editor/writer” in the subject line. Those emails without the subject line will not be considered seriously.
we need the below position in Air arabia Egyp, will be based in Alexandria , King Marriod.
Cabin Crew Manager - Air Arabia Egypt
Division/Department : Operations
Reports to: Director of Operations
Purpose of the job:
To manag Air Arabia Cabin Crew personnel.

Alaa Khairy
 N.E.N (National Education Network)
Partner of world's Technology leads 6october Branch, seeking for the following position:
Job Title: Web & Graphic Designer

Country: Egypt
City: 6october
Job Category: Multimedia Dept
Job Type: designer
Gender: Male/Female
Experience: Minimum 2 Year Experience.
Skills: PhotoShop-Flash- Dreamweaver
Salary (L.E.): Negotiable (800 - 1200)
Job Requirements: qualify for the job
Job Contact Email:

For online registration:
prefered who's live in 6october City
Please write the job title in the email subject, emails without the job title will not be considered.
looking to hire a Senior & Junior Developing Computer Software's who would
be mainly responsible for designing and implementing layouts, Offers concepts,
Creating a Leads database system. - Support and coordinate implementation of workload.
Start Date: As soon as possible.
Salary: Negotiable
Gender: Male
Experience level: 3-7 yrs experience.
If you are interested , please feel free to apply or recommend
calibers to send their CVs to

Nehad Mesbah
Office Manager
Power Sports & Fitness
Head Office & Showroom

3A, Hayaat El-Tadrees sq., off Mosadak st., Dokki,
Giza, Egypt.
Tel.: (202) 3336 5662
Fax: (202) 3762 4593
 Position : Sales Engineer (Alex) or (Sohag)
Job Code: SA 4
Job Type: Full Time
Location: (Alex) or (Sohag)
Gender: Male
Education: Faculty of Engineering " Computer Science " or (other relevant degree)
Experience: 3-5

If you’re interested, please send your updated resume including a recent photo to
•Please mention the job Code (SA 4) in the email Subject

Kelma Recruiting Department is pleased to announce a new Job Opportunity for a leading company located in Cairo:

Position: Media& Publications Coordinator.

1-1-3 years of experience in the field of Advertising& Promotion .

2- Knowledge with all advertising Techniques.

3-Good Communication Skills with Agencies..., vendors, suppliers& labors.

4-Ability to solve problems and manage critical situations.

5-Ability to Travel inside and outside Egypt.

6-Ability to work under stress with high efficiency.

8-English Fluency is a must.

Job Ref:I002

Interested Applicants should send their CVs with recent photo at


Subject: Human Resources Assistant--UNODC-- 2/15/2010

Human Resources Assistant--UNODC-- 2/15/2010

Human Resources Assistant

A. Contract type: Service Contract (SC)
B. Section/UNIT: UNODC – Regional office for the Middle East and North Africa, Cairo, Egypt
C. Duration of Employment: One year renewable upon satisfactory performance and availability of funds.

D. Organization Setting:

The incumbent will report directly to the Focal Point for Human Resources/Executive Associate to the Regional Representative.

G. Job content

Under the supervision of the Focal Point for Human Resources/Executive Associate to the Regional Representative, and the overall guidance of the Regional Representative, the incumbent will fulfill the functions of a Human Resources Assistant and will mainly undertake the following:

• Ensure implementation of HR strategies focusing on achievement of such results; Full compliance of HR processes and records with UNODC/UNDP rules, regulations, policies and strategies.
• Ensure implementation of HR services focusing on achievement of such results: Assist in the organization of recruitment processes including drafting job description, provision of input to job classification process, vacancy announcements, screening of candidates, servicing interview panels, finalization of CAP forms and follow up with relevant UNDP;
• Assist in the day-to-day human resources management,
• Maintain and update both the Field Office Staff Information and the Field Office Leave Requests databases;
• Manage the personnel records and assist in liaising and following up with different UNDP offices on personnel matters;
• Maintain daily attendance of staff and follow up with staff accordingly to ensure that corresponding forms are filled accordingly;
• Prepare necessary documents and requests for issuing contracts for staff and follow-up on payments requests as per the terms of reference;
• Draft HR related correspondence as necessary.
• Classify and file hard and electronic documents in the office.
H. Competencies and Critical Success Factors

Corporate Competencies:

Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability

Functional Competencies:

Knowledge Management and Learning
Shares knowledge and experience
Provides helpful feedback and advice to others in the office
Actively works towards continuing personal learning and development in one or more practice areas, acts on learning plan and applies newly acquired skills

Development and Operational Effectiveness
Ability to perform a variety of standard tasks related HR management, including screening, collecting and preparation of documentation, data input, creation of position, filing, provision of information
Strong IT skills
Ability to provide input to business processes re-engineering, implementation of new system
High attention to details and able to work independently with minimum supervision as well as in a team.

Leadership and Self-Management
Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills
Remains calm, in control and good humored even under pressure
Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities
Responds positively to critical feedback and differing points of view


Education: University degree in Management, Business Administration or social science.

Language: Fluency in English and Arabic.

Other desirable skills: Good computer skills; ability to work in a mutlicultural team.

Interested candidates should submit their duly filled P.11 form to

by COB 15 February 2010.

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