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اعلانات توظيف جوجل

انضم لجروبنا على الفيسبوك .. تصل رسائلنا مباشرة

الأربعاء، 21 يوليو 2010

مطلوب مهندس ميكانيكا قوى وغزل ونسيج

  Production Engineer (Textile)
Job Summary
·       Controlling and executing production plan & production workforce to maintain production data, records, filing & reports & needed levels
·       Following up and monitoring all records, participating in analysis and improvement.
Duties & Responsibilities:
¨     Controls production workforce.
¨     Reviews department working instructions.
¨     Runs and follows the existing plan and quality system.
¨     Determines the systems that can be applied to investigate the reasons with the superiors.
¨     Checks & signs waste and breakdown daily report.
¨     Traces the efficiency and all standards, and takes the necessary measurements to optimize these standards. i.e. minimizing cost, waste, set up and maximizing productivity.
¨     Follows the cleaning and traveler changing procedures of the m/cs.
¨     Checks , controls & approves the style data cards.
¨     Follows the test results.
¨     Controls the process control form.
¨     Traces the length of the product (in each process) in coordination with production supervisor & planning engineer.
¨     Collects the shift data, observations & gives information feed back to his colleagues & superiors.
¨     Coordinates the labor efforts to increase the production efficiency.
¨     Shares in solving the shift production quality problems.
¨     Coordinates & helps in solving the mechanical & electrical problems during the shifts.
¨     Communicates with other departments to release obstacles & solve problems.
¨     Reports the occurred discipline problems.
¨     Attends the internal meetings, and reports production & quality problems.
¨     Observes, solves & reports the labors' problems.
¨     Writes the daily shift report.
¨     Traces side areas (off std, waste) as well as hold areas.
¨     Follows the damaged trolleys & flanged spool , and reports it.
¨     Traces the break down codes during shifts.
¨     Traces the quality warning/ reject forms and finalizes them.
¨     Studies the breakdown reports and analyzes them to take the necessary measurements in coordination with superiors.
¨     Solves the unsystematic problems directly.
¨     Determines the working instruction needed in the process areas to be proposed to department head.
¨     Decides the quality problems occurred soon on the roll based on system documents.
¨     Writes the QRF, QWF & decides according to the working instructions limits and reports about raw material defects/ quality.
¨     Solves the specifications' problems and gives feed back to the production supervisor and planning engineer.
¨     Supplies the auxiliary production equipment and materials such as weft, traveler, etc from W.H. daily.
¨     Observes the standards progress to give suggestions for revision.
¨     Suggests new system, which could achieve better performance.
¨     Evaluates the labours on semiannual basis or whenever needed.
¨     Runs & stops the m/cs in accordance with prod. Plan, working instructions & specs.
¨     Signs leaves & permissions for labors up to one day.
¨     Approves performance evaluation for subordinates.
¨     Approves leaves, penalties, transfer & training of subordinates before referring it to the superiors.

Ö         BSC in engineering (textile dept.)
Ö         Min.2 years of relevant experience.
Ö         Good command of English language.
Ö         Computer knowledge.
Ö         Leadership skills.

2.  Maintenance Engineer: (hydraulic circuits)
 Is to carry out all maintenance activities according to the plan considering safety, quality, and spare parts.
-         Has 2 – 5 years practical experience in fixing and maintenance of rotating
-         A mechanical engineer power section holder
-         equipments (الماكينات الدواره)
-         Back ground about hydraulic circuits & bearing (الدوائر الكهربيه ورولمان البلى)
-         Execute predictive maintenance programs
-         Monitor spare parts & keep updated data about it & organize its consumption
-         Leadership skills - ability to lead teams & effectively utilize & control manpower
-         Working under pressures
-         English not less than good
-         Computer skills = very good (office)

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